Development projects

The Profiroll business concept is strongly oriented on customers sophisticated technical requests for profiling rotationally symmetric parts using the most modern coldforming technology, leading finally in a development of an efficient manufacturing with profile rolling. The customer will be served with machines, handling and conveying systems, rolling dies as well as reliable processes from one source. Additionally Profiroll carries out development until SOP-phase of a prospective serial production.

Profiroll would like to improve various production processes with the help of hand scanners. For this purpose, network-compatible Datalogic hand scanners were purchased. Together with codeshift, Profiroll has developed a control program for these hand scanners which allows them to connect flexibly to any software system. The control program allows the definition of workflows as well as, for example, the authentication of employees and the retrieval of information from the central ERP system.

One of the goals of Profiroll is paperless manufacturing. The process of tool labelling is particularly well suited for this. It contains many manual steps including generating labels that are used as templates for labelling a tool.

In order to optimize the labelling process and minimize possible errors, labels that have been used so far should be generated using a new thermal printing process. In a second step, the labelling should no longer be applied manually, but with the help of a laser labelling system. To create the labelling content and control the newly acquired thermal printer and laser labelling system, Profiroll developed a new terminal software together with codeshift, which is now used at the labelling stations.

Profiroll operates and uses the customer relationship management system (CRM) Pisa Sales. This CRM offers the possibility to customize the interface and the processes mapped in it. In a joint project with codeshift, Profiroll automated various processes in the CRM and adapted different input areas according to their needs.

Profiroll develops software for many projects, e.g. for machine control. In order to centrally maintain the source code of the different departments and projects, Profiroll set up a Git server together with codeshift, migrated existing software projects and taught the employees the basic handling of Git in an individual training course.

Profiroll wanted to offer its customers interactive setup instructions for the ROLLEX HP. The setup instructions are intended to help their users to configure the machine without errors. Following a step-by-step guide, the user is shown the pairs of tools, spacer rings, clamping sets, pedestal and support bearings and possible mix-ups are ruled out by various plausibility checks. Profiroll developed this setup guide app together with codeshift. Profiroll developed this setup guide app together with codeshift.

Diction AG is an international language service provider
offering translation, proofreading and machine translation services for many industries and languages using the latest translation technologies.

In order to react quickly and flexibly to all customer requests, Diction AG needed a translation management system that would reliably support its workflows, from the preparation of quotations to order processing and invoicing. Within the framework of an agile development project, codeshift recorded all requirements in cooperation with Diction AG and implemented the desired system.

On behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (formerly: Economy and Technology), codeshift developed a web-based application to measure the economic efficiency of IT security measures. At the core of the application is a wizard who guides the user through the necessary information. As a result, the user receives a profitability analysis of his individual security project.

Leipzig Erleben GmbH offers daily city walks and city tours in Leipzig with more than 90 certified tour guides. Tour guides can be booked for tours by individuals, small or large groups.

The company was using a custom-built software system to manage all business data as well as to plan and execute the tours. The system was already several years old and had reached a state where maintenance and further development were becoming increasingly difficult. In particular, a framework used in it urgently needed to be replaced to in order to keep the system running. Leipzig Erleben GmbH did not want to make the necessary investment in the old system, but instead had the system completely redeveloped to give it a modern technological basis.

The new Guide Interface system is functionally based on the old system. The newly-developed ERP system is able to manage city tours and trips, handle customer data, organize human resources and create invoices for guides and customers. In order to improve the increased demands on the system, new functions were also implemented and existing processes were improved during the development process.

Allportal GmbH has operated the b2b platform since 2007. Their continuing success is based on many years of experience in the tire market. Allportal GmbH pride themselves in paying special attention to product knowledge as well as responding to market-typical customer needs. Therefore allportal GmbH wanted to have their own comprehensive custom software that would meet their needs. codeshift developed a configurator for the marketing of vehicle rims for allportal GmbH. A fail-safe system was required, which has shorter than average response times,
shows typical additional benefits for buyers and whose UI is tailored to b2b customers.

This rim configurator is a complex individual software, which codeshift designed and implemented from the specifications, through the commissioning and beyond. This robust software solution integrates different data sources and provides processed data via a uniform interface. In addition to a classic frontend, whose layout integrates with the tire exchange landscape, a mobile-first variant was also created. Using this slim variant, the rim configurator is now also conveniently accessible from mobile devices.

Versicherungsforen Leipzig has been a successful organizer of high-profile congresses and conferences within the insurance industry for many years. As well as the lecture program, all their congresses also play host to sponsor exhibitions. The company decided to introduce an event management tool in order to optimize exhibitor management.

The solution enables exhibitors and sponsors to independently manage their respective services directly in the application. For example, booth technology, booth equipment or free tickets can be organized and booked quickly and easily online. In addition, booth bookings can be processed electronically and automatically in advance through the web application.

The Central German Metropolitan Region involves companies, cities and districts, chambers and associations as well as universities and research institutions from the region.

codeshift analyzed, updated and adapted the existing customer relationship management system as part of a joint project. The data structure and the input masks were fundamentally revised and the inventory data of the old system was migrated. The CRM functions are now clearer and mailings can be created with the system. In addition, the Central German Metropolitan Region now has a fixed contact person who understands the system.

In 2013, Leipziger Foren Holding and its subsidiaries decided to relaunch their websites. s a partner for the implementation, codeshift accompanied the whole process – from strategy development to implementation and ongoing webpage support. Numerous functional enhancements have also been developed since the successful go-live in 2014. For example, a portal server, web analysis and a survey tool have been created to optimize the user-friendliness of the websites on various levels.

Using the content management system FirstSpirit, all of the companies can view a successful web project with a total volume of around 150,000 pages and more than 45,000 media.

The Neue Leipziger Kunstverein e.V. brings together dedicated art lovers and gives them special access to exhibitions, artists and curators. The Museum der bildenden Künste (MdbK) Leipzig is at the center of their efforts. They support the museum’s acquisition requests, promote exhibitions, restoration and educational projects. They also organise day trips to visit interesting museums and exhibitions, and undertake excursions and art trips lasting several days.

The Neue Leipziger Kunstverein e.V. (NLKV) used to manage its members manually. In order to improve the internal processes and the administration of the association, the NLKV has developed a digital member administration together with codeshift. The implementation offers, for example, a duplicate check, a flexible categorization of members and a mailing tool. In addition to the membership management, the association’s website has been technically overhauled.

Support and consulting projects

LAMTEC Leipzig GmbH & Co. KG came to us with the goal of making their entire development process (hardware and software) more transparent and flexible for all stakeholders by the introduction of agile processes. Furthermore, they wanted projects to be completed more efficiently by working in an agile way, whilst at the same time taking the load off the project managers.

As experienced consultants in the field of agility, codeshift supported LAMTEC Leipzig GmbH & Co. KG over several steps. First, a workshop was held. In this, the current status was assessed and a roadmap for a change project was created based on the findings. Together with the employees, a detailed implementation plan was developed for the selected scenarios. In further consulting sessions, agile methods were introduced, processes were reconsidered and changed, tools were evaluated, and SCRUM Master training was given. Subsequently, the introduction of SCRUM at Lamtec was done in cooperation with codeshift. codeshift continues to provide support as an experienced consultant in the implementation of agile ways of working.

Firstly, different agile elements in production were introduced in a workshop. The procedure was then explained and communicated interactively in a training course on agile methods using examples of SCRUM. Based on this, the participants evaluated the methods shown for use in production. Finally, suitable agile methods were selected for the various production processes.

Employees gained initial experience with agile working methods in the field of project management. Over the course of three workshops, a uniform level of knowledge on agile methods was established. codeshift continues to provide support as an experienced consultant in the implementation of agile ways of working.

At GISA GmbH, software is developed in a variety of ways. In order for the tasks to be accomplished, software developers from codeshift were able to support GISA GmbH. codeshift supported the migration of technologies as well as the new and further development of the customer portal. The customer portal is used by GISA GmbH for handling and processing customer inquiries and orders.

We develop, among other things, individual user-experience-optimized self-service portals on current technology stack JEE8. These portals interact with complex backend systems and prepare data for user interfaces in a performance-optimized way. In doing so, codeshift supports us both technologically and process-wise to develop modern interfaces and APIs for the required processes. It is particularly important for special industry applications to capture and abstract business processes and workflows very quickly. The employees of codeshift have led the work in agile projects to success with high professional competence, together with our teams. This included updates to various programming and scripting languages, development of the communication of various REST endpoints, and the replacement of user management with the associated adjustments to the customer portal. The assignment was characterized by rapid implementation, excellent commitment to performance, and outstanding team effort.

To optimize its sales processes, BADEN-BADENER Versicherung AG relied on the introduction of new software. The new development was carried out by an external service provider. The company asked codeshift to evaluate the new solution with regard to quality, maintainability, flexibility, reliability and security. In order to achieve an objective evaluation of the application, architecture, design, source code and documentation were examined and evaluated in detail

Compliance with common software development standards was examined in detail and documented. Specific recommendations for action were made for each problem area identified in order to rectify them and successfully develop the software further.