What we do

We love software and we love companies using modern technologies to become pioneers in their market segment. This inspires us and drives us to advise and accompany you through your individual software projects right from the start. We are there for you from the first contact, through the implementation, right up to the running of your project.

  • Development of new software systems
  • Development of new software systems
  • Modernization of existing software systems
  • System integration
  • Prototyping and pilot projects for innovation topics
  • Sourcing of tasks related to software projects
  • Quality assurance and test automation
  • Source code testing
  • Creation and review of system architectures
  • Project management: classic and agile
  • Requirements: identifying, analysis, and management
  • Service provider management
  • Planning and implementation of operational infrastructures
  • Documentation of information technology landscapes
  • Make-or-buy decisions / standard software vs. custom software
  • Development of information technology strategies
  • Tender support
  • Analysis of existing systems / assessment of system status
  • Roadmap creation for further development of system landscapes

How we work

By talking to you we find out your real needs!

This is the basis for successful software projects that run according to your needs. We value the principles of agile development with short review and feedback cycles. We deliver reliable, robust, scalable, flexible, future-proof and high-quality software.

During development or consulting, you profit from our cross-industry knowledge and our ability to adapt existing solutions to new complex challenges. Let’s start talking!

Who we are

We are always evolving – together with our customers – to the next level.

We are authentic and experienced software developers, architects, business analysts and project managers who successfully implement customer projects. We see ourselves as impulse generators and thought leaders who provide neutral advice on technologies.

We are modern, innovative, informal, reflective and have a very clear aspiration: We build the best software and don’t just want to apply our knowledge, rather we want to learn from and grow with our customers.

Why we stand out

Not only do we know and use the latest technologies, but as part of SF Group, we help shape them and can access extensive expert knowledge as well as best practices. Many challenging customer situations have taught us that our excellent training and close links to higher education are invaluable.

Our cross-industry setup means that we have handled varied and challenging customer situations and now we can apply our extensive experience to your project. We are experts at what we do.

Why software development

In a standardized world it’s us who makes the difference. We believe that the intelligent use of modern, customized software systems is the best way to turn your company into a frontrunner; standing out from the competition with your information technology landscape will give you a huge competitive advantage.

To us, a development order is like a Lego box to a child: We love to be creative and to construct outstanding software systems. And we are happy when our software can help your employees turn on the computer in the morning with a smile.

Customer testimonials

Trust in the experience of our customers.

“The wheel configurator implemented by codeshift runs! The part is fast and robust as required. I was especially impressed by the dedication of codeshift’s employees. These are people who work with passion combined with knowledge. Even in tricky situations, which are inevitable in complex large-scale projects, we were able to find good solutions together. That makes codeshift the right partner for us.”

“It was apparent to us that not only our project manager but also the codeshift programmers wanted to understand our processes in detail and even think ahead. This resulted in a very cooperative and highly productive collaboration, which led to a perfect implementation of all our user questions. We are happy with the result every day – the new version of our software realizes processes more efficiently, more clearly and is more free of errors.”

“We were very well looked after by codeshift even before the start of the project – the staff took on board all our requirements and expectations. Throughout the entire project, there was transparency regarding the scope of services, the work performed and any open issues. In addition, the support was very straigtforward and the documentation was individually adapted to our requirements. We are totally satisfied with the cooperation: The employees are very reliable, punctual and fast.”

“The codeshift team adapted their expertise to our specific needs and provided our company with excellent support with the introduction of agile methods to the development of safety-critical embedded systems. What stood out especially was that codeshift first took a close look at our existing processes and development philosophy and evaluated the goals of the different levels within our company. Equipped with a great deal of knowledge about agile development methodology, we were then able to find a very good solution for our requirements. The subsequent processes of introduction and optimization further confirmed our positive impression. We can highly recommend codeshift’s support in introducing such methods.”

“The codeshift developers have fully integrated themselves into our SCRUM process. We have established a trusting collaboration that is not only very professional and profitable, but which is also a lot of fun. Numerous ideas and optimization suggestions have already been implemented in our products. All this has become the basis for further sustainable cooperation.”

“The qualified and professional support of codeshift in a complex FirstSpirit software project has contributed to a timely and fitting implementation. In particular, the motivating and confident manner of the employees involved when dealing with new challenges has had a positive impact.”

“I would like to express my gratitude to the codeshift team for their cooperation, which has been both professional and personal. The codeshift team has developed a program for NLKV, which basically consists of 3 chapters.
Chapter 1 The member management (master data maintenance) is simple and logically structured. The member list can be customized and each member can be called up individually. The creation of Excel tables is also possible using codeshift’s program. Chapter 2 The mailing tool allows us to easily and securely send member information via email to every member. Chapter 3 Using a SEPA file, collective direct debit procedures can be created easily, quickly and securely for the collection of annual dues.
The program created by codeshift is a great help for member administration and is clear and simple to operate.”


A selection of our diverse projects.

Development of a
Guide Interface System

Control program for hand scanner, terminal software for tool marking, Implementation of an app etc.

Development of a web application to measure the cost-effectiveness of IT security measures

Development of an application for exhibitor management at congresses and conferences

Come with us to the next level!

Steffen Garnich

Marketing & Sales Manager

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Dr. Stefan Koch

Team Lead Customers & Projects

Patrick Marquardt

Project Manager

Dr. Sebastian Volke

Team Lead Software Engineering

Prof. Dr. André Köhler

Managing Director